Demo of physics in polymorph engine.

A lot of stuff has been fixed since yesterday, but severe improvments are still to be done.

In the video, only convex hulls and simple colliders (cubes & spheres) are used.

To add a custom collider on a PNode, you call:

pnode.load( sceneManager, “General”, “my-high-resolution.mesh” );
pnode.physics( polymorph::BT_DYNAMIC_CONVEX, “General”, “my-low-resolution.mesh” );

“my-low-resolution.mesh” will be used to calculate physics.

Using convex is a problem for the blue thingies: the torus is not empty, but convered by an invisible “skin”. Therefore, other objects can not go through this huge hole… The issue should be solved by using the btGImpactMeshShape, but the shapes are behaving strangly when enabled. They jumps all the time…