welcome in the libre video game bazaar!

Here, we do experiment with games. If, for any reason, you do not see a video player popping up, go to polymorph home playlist to see the videos. You can also have a peep at things we do:


godot club

The godot club is a regular meeting to play with libre softwares, try Godot Engine or simply share your ideas and games.


Modules, script or production software we are working on.


  • hotchpotch, testing the first screenssource: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/hotchpotch
  • Laces v0.3 full demoTest of functionalities before release of v0.3 Download: https://frankiezafe.itch.io/laces Music: Behind The Door · Kas:st
  • Futari walls, attractors, winds & vortex demoSimplified demo of all the objects included in Futari, an addon to maniuplate particles in #godotengine. Addon repository is here: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/futari-addon Demo project: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/futari-addon-demo
  • Ormer [devlog 007] #godotengine clearer menu<>board reaction with ball previous on board repo: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/ormer
  • flying trains on bricks' track in #godotenginetesting the first ouptuts of a curve 3d addon repo: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/hotchpotch (godot/research/bezier/demo.tscn) music: Time by Pachanga Boys
  • quick demo of 3d bezier edition in #godotenginecustom made bezier curve sampler and mesh generator for #hotchpotch repo: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/hotchpotch music: Minute (Original Mix) by Marcu Rares
  • wireframer script in #godotenginesimple and brute-force tool to generate wireframe meshes out of standard ones (triangle ones) soon in #hotchpotch source: https://gitlab.com/polymorphcool/hotchpotch
  • tachikoma with #b3dstudy of inverse kinematic and hydraulic pistons in blender music: MODESELEKTOR @ RadioEins Wohnzimmerkonzert (09.05.2020)
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hotchpotch, testing the first screens