• xuv says:

    Nice. I see a little inconsistency in the UI though. The left and right arrow rotate the corresponding cube whether the cursor is in upper or lower half of the screen. While the up and down arrow manipulate the camera. It could be confusing. Maybe a different icon for up and down would make it clearer.

    • frankiezafe says:

      On the top, the bottom arrow will move the top part down to close the tube. The top arrow would be used to “bend” the tube and see top and bottom part at once. These 2 actions are not implemented yet…
      On the left and right arrows, there’s a difference between top and bottom:

      • bottom: free rotation
      • top: 90 degrees steps

      So, especially on the top part, top and bottom arrows will have very different behaviour then on the bottom. You were thinking about a completly different icon or an adaptation?
      Top bottom arrow with an extra triangle on the bottom for instance?
      I’d like to keep this as simpl as possible.

      I’m also not sure on how to navigate along the tube. For instance, once the puzzle solved, how to indicate to the player that he/she can go up?
      Remap of the top arrow?

      • xuv says:

        Ok. The textual description is a little too complicated for me to understand. I guess I’ll see it. You’re on the right track. 🙂

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