Puzzle research for peel In the process of…

Puzzle research for peel.

In the process of searching a “why” 1, the idea of a messed up structure to reconstruct arose. As the other concepts in the game, it’s easy to understand visually, a bit more hard to describe programmatically. Indeed, once several segments will be connected, rotations will be constrained, and hierarchy tree (3d objects parenting) has to be rebuild.

In these images, the player starts in the left state, and after rotating and connecting all the parts, he/she ends up in the right state. The images show something looking like a level, but i’m planning to add dynamically the next segments to generate the sensation of an endless puzzle.

The puzzle starts at the bottom.



Axis of liberty: each start joint (in fuschia) has 1 degree of freedom.


Note: cluster (orange wireframe cubes) must be attached to connector or gap (for the 2 first ). Each cluster knows wich joints are presents in it. If a segment moves, the joints move with it, and potentially reach the next cluster.

By building a slightly more complex structure and trying out joint rotation with connected segments, collision issues starts to show up!


First try could be solved by shortenning a bit the segments:


But these issues can not be quickly fixed:




Enabling and disabling liberties is a crucial point in game mechanics, and will not be easy to calculate… At least, i don’t have the solution popping out right now.

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