Some news about the Blender 2.8 Viewport development…

Some news about the Blender 2.8 Viewport development.

The Blender Foundation has defined a new major upgrade in Blender’s development with the release of version 2:8. And one of the big feature of this revamp is a new 3D viewport. Here is a detailed post about it. But what you might be especially interested in these lines:

The new viewport will allow for more accurate preview of the external engine your project is targeting. Each engine may have different material and shading models, as well as unique screen effects. Whether you’re making assets for a movie or for a game, the idea is to see what it’s going to look like while you work on it.
Game engines: Unreal (ii), Unity (ii), CryEngine (ii), Blend4Web (ii), Armory (ii), Godot (ii)

Exciting times. Careful though, don’t rush into conclusions…

(ii) Proper export of assets (with materials) to your engine of choice is not strictly part of the viewport project, and neither is the specific support of its shaders. The project will support Python addons so other developers can work on those integrations.

So this means developers of external engines will have a way to integrate their engine as a preview directly in Blender. But It does not mean it’s done yet. Although seeing the growing popularity of Blender among 3D enthousiasts, the community behind each of those engines could be tempted to work on a dedicated Blender addon.

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