How to prepare meshes and its physical version…

How to prepare meshes and its physical version in blender usable in polymorph engine?

How it’s looking like once done in the right way:

For this mesh (a kind of quad pods not very well done):


You can resume the shape with:

  • 4 boxes, surrounding the legs of the shape
  • and 4 spheres, surrounding the ends of each legs.

To do so, design the collider using cubes and sphere (low resolution ones, i’ve used 10×5 just because it will look nicer in the screenshots :)).

Attribute a different material to each part using this naming convention:

  • material for boxes starts with “box_”;
  • material for spheres starts with “sphere_”.

The different colors of materials is just to make the screenshot clearer.


Apply a triangulate modifier to ensure you don’t have any ngon in your meshes.

Once all this is done, export the meshes using blender2ogre addon.

The importation steps will be described in the full tutorial, with the complete documentation.

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