Today XML Until now @louise was not able…

Today: XML

Until now, @louise was not able to access objects position and configuration… I guess it was quite frustrating for her, as she is working on the assets of the Tuning Score game.

Now it’s better. Based on the work made for , a XML description of the objects to load is available.

It looks like this:


Each polymorph node is an object having:

  • an origin transformation;
  • a local transformation, only applied on the mesh attached to this node, not its children;
  • a primitive to display, when you don’t need to load a mesh – available: cube, sphere, plane & empty (very useful, i got it now);
  • a mesh to display;
  • a material, when you want to use something else than the default one;
  • a bullet configuration, for physics, dynamic or static, with the possibility to use a special mesh and a configuration tag that gives access to a few physical parameters.

I’m going to deploy this on louise computer and it will be over for this week!

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