Tuning scores first screenshots of the game Because…

Tuning scores, first screenshots of the game.

Because we present the first prototype to Lisa Nelson and the Contredanse crew very soon, we rushed a lot this week and first results are promising:

  • a bunch of objects are ready to be manipulated;
  • it’s possible to play on 2 different computers seamlessly (identical physical world);
  • each player can change his/her point of view and see what the other is looking at (the eye in the sky);

And, the most important, the playfulness of being in a “sensitive” virtual environment. Every little movement may have an impact on several objects. And looking at the other propositions is as stimulating as playing yourself.

There still a lot of things to fine-tune, in the code and the models.

The next big step is add some sounds, to complete the experience.




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