Playing to tuning scores on osx requires several…


Playing to tuning scores on osx requires several steps, but it worked quite smoothly.

  • Installation of virtual box –
  • Download of linux mint 18 64 bits image –
  • Make a disk of 15Gb (min 10Gb are required for mint)
  • To have local IP (router range), set network to bridged and use ethernet – not tested with wifi
  • Install mint
  • Update mint
  • Copy/paste Tuning score exec folder (not availabe online yet…)
  • And done!

Because there no 3d acceleration available on the configuration i used, i had to give 3 cores out of 4 to the vm to reach a decent framerate. There no FSAA available either. But Lisa Nelson will at least be able to take something back to the states!

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