Polymorph package is on its way Until today…

Polymorph package is on its way!

Until today, polymorph was a collection of Ogre addons, independent from each other. The approach has changed a lot during the development of Tuning score. All extra libraries are now linked into one big package:

  • Bullet – physical engine;
  • libPD – sound engine;
  • OSC – Open Sound Control messages, based on udp;
  • tinyXML – for project loading;
  • SDL – for gamepad and joysticks.

The package uses a project file format, in XML + provides high-level objects and a base class containing all mandatory methods to manage a game:

  • scene & resources loading;
  • window management and events;
  • keyboard and mouse events.

A large documentation has to be written, but programming architecture is now fixed.

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