Triggering sounds when there is a collision between…


Triggering sounds when there is a collision between 2 objects is now feasible with the code. A message is sent to pd with the name of the objet and a “contact” flag (left of the image).

It has been a hell of a fight to get extract “useable” collisions information out the physical engine. There are 3 or 4 ways to listen to them and for each collision you get a LOT of data:

  • number of points
  • localisation of these points on each objet, in local and world cooridnates
  • impulse, frictions, etc

And, obviously, all this happens for all objects currently colliding…

The first version of the code will runs on friday evening. It is certainly not the final version. A more serious approach is on its way, but it was too complex (impossible) to finish for tonight.

And, the sound design is close from 0 🙂

Stay tune for more!

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