Today a lot of bug fixes on the…


Today, a lot of bug fixes on the basic classes of the polymorph packages.

New: it is now possible to declare the resources folders in the XML! The common resources.cfg of Ogre can be replaced by a configuration.xml, placed in the same folder as the exec.

The resources.cfg was looking like this:



In the XML, it’s converted to this, with control over recursivity and read access.

        <group name=”Essential”>
            <resource path=”../media/packs/” type=”Zip”/>
        <group name=”General”>
            <resource path=”../media/models” type=”FileSystem” recursive=”1″ readonly=”0″/>
            <resource path=”../media/materials” type=”FileSystem” recursive=”1″ readonly=”0″/>
            <resource path=”../media/materials/textures” type=”FileSystem” recursive=”1″ readonly=”0″/>

The sreenshot comes from an evolution of the XML example, see Dynamic scenes loading

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