Currently working on PCamera class a class to…

Currently working on PCamera class (a class to manage … camera!). The new samples/0.1/ shows how to create one and render it onto a texture.

In these images, the pink texture on the cube is the rendering of the camera rotating in the center of the scene, the tall pink cone. It is very ogry to send the camera to the texture:

RenderTexture * rt = texture->getBuffer( )->getRenderTarget( );
custom_wp = compositorMgr->addWorkspace( sceneMgr, rt, custom_cam.getOgreCam( ), cwName, true );
custom_mat->getTechnique( 0 )->getPass( 0 )->createTextureUnitState( )->setTexture( texture );

There should be a way to make this a bit more handy, I’ll look into it sooner.

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