Long time no see but polymorph engine development…

Long time no see, but polymorph engine development is back on track!

The XML describing a polymorph’s project is now able to configure the Ogre’s compositor, understand the post-processing module.

The first screenshot is using a custom compositor with this configuration:

<workspace name="TuningScoreWS">
  <script group="General" workspace="CustomCompositor" />
    <color name="background_center" value="0,1,0" node="0" pass="1" index="4"/>
    <color name="background_border" value="1,0,0" node="0" pass="1" index="8"/>
    <variable name="centerx" value="0.5" node="0" pass="1" index="0"/>
    <variable name="centery" value="0.5" node="0" pass="1" index="1"/>
    <variable name="radius" value="0.9" node="0" pass="1" index="2"/>
    <variable name="ratio" value="1.777777778" node="0" pass="1" index="3"/>

The required files for this compositor (shaders & nodes) can be found in the samples example.compositor.

The second screenshot is using a default compositor, where only the background color can be modified.

<workspace name="Default">
    <color name="background" value="1,0,0"/>

The documentation about the XML is here: https://bitbucket.org/polymorphteam/pe.2.0/wiki/xml-specifications

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