Video Game for Art

During this two-days workshop, you will discover the potential of the Godot libre video games engine. Through a series of small demos, you will get familiar with the various aspects of real-time 3D projects: importing objects; creating materials; managing lighting and cameras; and introducing interactivity with scripting!

This workshop will focus on using these tools in an artistic context, in particular through the OSC protocol. OSC will allow Godot to communicate with other softwares more commonly used in the field of digital art, like SuperCollider, Puredata, IanniX, and more!


More info on imal website.

all project opened during the 2 days of workshop

What has been prepared

[01_3d_basis, scene/01_primitives.tscn] primitives and parenting

[01_3d_basis, scene/02_material.tscn] materials & textures

[01_3d_basis, scene/03_environment.tscn] environment

[01_3d_basis, scene/04_skeleton.tscn] collada, importing mesh, skeleton & animation

[02_3d_dynamics] complex physic: multiple shapes in one collider + a lot of spheres

[03_scripting & 04_ui] animation in script + 2D UI over the 3D view, with animation also

Projects created during the session

[notes, scenes/viewport.tscn] an example on how to render on texture and use a 2D shader to shift RGB channels

[notes, scenes/script.tscn] animation and mouse interaction via script + node duplication

[notes, scenes/script.tscn] animation and mouse interaction via script + node duplication

[notes, scenes/deux.tscn] importation of scenes and collada

[notes, scenes/un.tscn] 3d basics: primitives, parenting, environment and materials

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