Unpacking Unity 3D projects

platform: windows 10 64bits recovery of Unity3D assets A windows executable made with Unity is usually (always?) composed of an .exe and a *_Data folder containing all the scripts, shaders, textures, meshes, etc. required to run the game.The files in *_Data folder are obfuscated for obvious IP reasons. When looking into it, you will sees

Circular inversion

After watching the demonstration of Zvezdelina Stankova on how to prove the Ptolemy’s theorem by using inversion of the plane, I could not resist the urge to implement this projection in a shader and play with. About the implementation The implementation of this projection in a shader was much more easy than excepted. The math

Volumetric fog in godot v4

During the godot club #5 we have tried some demos of the new features available in godot 4, the mighty vulkan version. Volumetric fog and SDFGI (Signed Distance Field Global Illumination, read more about this here) are turning a standard 3d scene into a dramatic panorama! Done with Reflection for Godot 4.0 and a custom


Room basis for interface3 VR project 2020download blender modelRelease under CC0

Terrain LOD & tesselation

While working on a gdscript to generate a terrain with several level of details (LOD), a tricky issue popped up: the terrain had holes scattered across its surface… There is a difference of definition on the tesselation frontiers, the vertices at the lower level joins 2 distant areas of the texture while the vertices at

Retopology (manual and automated)

Retopology is the process of converting high-resolution models into something much smaller that can be used for animation. It can be a difficult process, but the basic idea is to create another mesh that simplifies the original HD asset. source: Manual This process is usually done manually with tools like Retopoflow, a superb addon

Objets connectés / Raspberry Pi + Python

workshop de 4 jours donné à imal cet été, du 30 juillet au 2 août repository: wiki:és-raspbery-pi-python au programme: webserver & pyton, un peu de video processing (évidemment) et un passage rapide dans pygame

GAN-aided creation and blurry authorship

Ganbreeder is a “massively collaborative creative tool and network” developped by Joel Simon. The proposition is to create images by playing with the “genes” of generative adversarial network [1] Process The interface is minimal: after creating an account, you are invited to pick and start from an existing “image” or start one from scratch, edit

Siteseeing in southbank portrait

Some screenshots of the work of Ian MacLarty, an australian experimental designer[1]. There are superb transitions between the landscapes! (horizontal artefacts are due to my screenshot software) Links: southbank portrait on website of Ian MacLarty game engine: Amulet Bonus: screenshots of Vertex Meadow, a configurator/explorator of generated landscapes. Links: vertex meadow on official

when pixar opens its code

it ends up with opensubdiv, running on all desktop platforms! SUPER easy to install and to compile! git clone cd OpenSubdiv/ mkdri bin cd bin cmake -G Xcode -D NO_PTEX=1 -D NO_DOC=1 \ -D NO_OMP=1 -D NO_TBB=1 -D NO_CUDA=1 -D NO_OPENCL=1 -D NO_CLEW=1 \ -D GLFW_LOCATION=”YOUR GLFW INSTALL LOCATION” \ make enter in the


Frederik Vanhoutte is sharing the source code of his drawing! iso190522 – the system behind my iso plots. Processing code, including the library, Java source code, and examples. Creates PDF files optimized for line plots. source: Download the code: – localThanks to him for sharing is work in a functional & executable form!

Softskinned & articulated platypus

After several hours of adjustments in blender, platypus has now more control points. As shown in the image above, mesh is controlled by invisible edges, acting as rubber bands. Playing a bit longer with group shrink and control points, and the model is really changing shape Model used is the Platypus from William Reynish under