Atomontage, a voxel game engine

“The currently dominant 3D graphics and simulation paradigm, based on triangle/polygon meshes, is fundamentally flawed. Meshes only model surfaces – a hollow and thus very incomplete approximation of reality. Mesh content creation is complex and technically demanding; costly with high barriers of entry. Many layers of “hacks” (e.g. UVs) make editing and distributing mesh assets

Databases, online distribution and workspaces.

Databases: Distribution platforms, allowing free and linux-based games: (free is to verify) source: Working spaces: (NY) (chicago?) Demo scene:

Urho3D demo session Great work tested on windows…

Urho3D, demo session. Great work, tested on windows and osx. The end of the video is the discovery of the editor. Try out the samples. All examples: Links: sourceforge: official: