GAN-aided creation and blurry authorship

Ganbreeder is a “massively collaborative creative tool and network” developped by Joel Simon. The proposition is to create images by playing with the “genes” of generative adversarial network [1] Process The interface is minimal: after creating an account, you are invited to pick and start from an existing “image” or start one from scratch, edit

Siteseeing in southbank portrait

Some screenshots of the work of Ian MacLarty, an australian experimental designer[1]. There are superb transitions between the landscapes! (horizontal artefacts are due to my screenshot software) Links: southbank portrait on itch.io website of Ian MacLarty game engine: Amulet Bonus: screenshots of Vertex Meadow, a configurator/explorator of generated landscapes. Links: vertex meadow on itch.io official


Frederik Vanhoutte is sharing the source code of his drawing! iso190522 – the system behind my iso plots. Processing code, including the library, Java source code, and examples. Creates PDF files optimized for line plots. source: https://twitter.com/wblut/status/1131278568057692164 Download the code: https://wblut.com/code/iso190522.zip – localThanks to him for sharing is work in a functional & executable form!

4D specialist Marc ten Bosch

Marc ten Bosch seems to be particularly interested in the 4th dimension, its narrative & interaction potential. He has made several releases, see below for all links. main website & blog: : http://marctenbosch.com/, http://marctenbosch.com/news/ 4D Toys: http://4dtoys.com/ Miegakure: http://miegakure.com/ Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqSF-tYoFYFxa7aayp_wiA The game is based on tesserakt 4d engine, a custom game engine. The

Marble Marcher by CodeParade

CodeParade proposes an very interesting game/game engine that uses a smart physics computation related to fractal rendering. The result is Marble Marcher, an opensource (GPL-2!) game, available on itch.io and github. download on itch.io (windows only): https://codeparade.itch.io/marblemarcher compile the source: https://github.com/HackerPoet/MarbleMarcher