Here are all the small and bigger things in witch we collaborate. Some are more finished than others, check the status to have an idea about the finish level.


Tensegrity addon for godot engine.

status wip

GDOSC addon

GDNative OSC is an addon that enables reception and emission of OSC messages in Godot game engine. In collaboration with Michal Seta.

status stable

Fish shader

A shader to animate a fish, inspired by the talk of Matt Nava, developer of ABZU, available in the assets library.

status stable

Wireframe primitives

A set of meshes and scripts to add wireframe primitives to a godot project.

status stable

Futari addon

Add functionalities to interacts with particle systems, such as wind, vortex and localised modifiers to Godot game engine.

status wip

Polymorph Engine

The Polymorph Engine is a game engine made of great libre/open source software and libraries, such as Ogre3D, Bullet and PureData.

status discontinued