Transi, chubby and caballo

Platform: Linux, OSX, Win
Release date: 5th of April 2018


Transi, chubby and caballo (TCC) is an interactive experiment made during a godot workshop. Might be dangerous for photo-sensitive eyes.
The name comes from the 3 models used in the game.

about : le Transi de Rene Chalon

One of the masterpiece of the XVIe century, the transi is a sculpture currently visible in the Saint-√Čtienne church at Bar-le-Duc.
It represents a standing rotten body holding a human heart in his left hand.
Model is here:

about : chubby

“free chubby girl” is the name of the 3d model created by K_models on turbosquid. I choosed this model because she was sexy, she reminded me of the Supermarket Lady of Duane Hanson, and also propose an alternative to standard woman representation in videogames (the generic athletic body).

Placing these 2 models in front of each other creates an odd feeling: a classical ultra-dramatic decaying male figure presenting his heart to a hyper materialist & feminised contemporary woman. I have no idea what they could talk about…

about : caballo

Discretly, the horse model is used in the main screen to print a pattern of white stains all over the background.
It has been jjmoser.

tech notes

TCC is based on Godot Engine v2.1
Source code, assets:
Research and notes: