B4D – blender for graphic designers

Ready with the notes about the quick training session of tomorrow, focused on fonts manipulation, svg import/export and rendering in blender. Repository: https://gitlab.com/frankiezafe/b4d

Video Game for Art

During this two-days workshop, you will discover the potential of the Godot libre video games engine. Through a series of small demos, you will get familiar with the various aspects of real-time 3D projects: importing objects; creating materials; managing lighting and cameras; and introducing interactivity with scripting! This workshop will focus on using these tools

The OSC GDnative module for godot is on…

The OSC GDnative module for godot is on its way in gitlab. In the meanwhile, we have compiled a standalone version of Godot 3.0 including the gdosc library. The executable is available here: DOWNLOAD GODOT + GDSOC

A small training about how to use fonts…

A small training about how to use fonts and curves in blender targeted to graphic designer of OSP. The intend is also to evaluate the influence and interest of 3d software in print workflows. This is an internal event.

Soft skin

Currently working on a library of skinning called SofSkin. It’s purpose is to make skinning in a different way: less rubberish and more mesh/geometry-oriented. The idea is to use edges of the mesh as springs that tries to recover their initial length by pulling/pushing on the vertices. The lexical field is focused on anatomy, to

Atomontage, a voxel game engine

“The currently dominant 3D graphics and simulation paradigm, based on triangle/polygon meshes, is fundamentally flawed. Meshes only model surfaces – a hollow and thus very incomplete approximation of reality. Mesh content creation is complex and technically demanding; costly with high barriers of entry. Many layers of “hacks” (e.g. UVs) make editing and distributing mesh assets

Custom export python script for blender and custom…

Custom export python script for blender and custom import javascript for threejs to enable morphing of vertex normal in morph targets. It might seems a bit technical, but without this, the object loaded in threejs doesn’t react to light correctly: without this export, if faces change direction after deformation, the lack of normal morphing implies

First official screenshots of Sisyphus a web…

First “official” screenshots of Sisyphus, a web experiment in collaboration with Simone Niquille. It is available in itch.io also: https://frankiezafe.itch.io/sisyphus, and I will try to post development logs there instead of here. To follow them, just check the bottom of the itch.io page.

Little week end challenge reproducing the fish…

Little week-end challenge: reproducing the “fish” shader demonstrated by Matt Nava in his talk at GDC last year. The shader Giant Squid Studio developed (at 3:50): After a few hours (not many), shader in godot: The source code is available on github: https://github.com/frankiezafe/Fish-shader

Databases, online distribution and workspaces.

Databases: https://libregamewiki.org http://www.indiedb.com Distribution platforms, allowing free and linux-based games: http://www.itch.io http://www.desura.com https://gamejolt.com https://www.nuuvem.com http://store.steampowered.com (free is to verify) source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_distribution_in_video_games#Current Working spaces: http://babycastles.com (NY) http://indiecitycoop.com (chicago?) Demo scene: http://www.pouet.net http://outlinedemoparty.nl/ https://demozoo.org/

A lot of work has been done on…

A lot of work has been done on the OSC addon for godot this week: 2 new classes for reception and emission fully integrated in the engine (with icon and UI configuration) and an OSCmessage class available in gdscript to read the received message. The repositiories are here: https://github.com/djiamnot/gdosc, official one https://github.com/frankiezafe/gdosc, a fork of