Switching to Ogre 2.1

Just compiled the latest version of Ogre, little guided tour of the samples showing the new features. First and one of the biggest improvement is the new PBR materials. Demo with 128 lights with baking. Demo of radiosity. Shadows definition. And terrain module, with modifiable sun position. There is some work to get this new

1K spheres 7 static boxes It has been…

1K spheres, 7 static boxes. It has been a hard day: the communication between Bullet and Ogre has been completely reviewed: update of the physical world is now linked to the Ogre rendering cycle through Ogre::RenderQueueListener, meaning a more consistent frame cycle; PObjects (any renderable object in the scene) are smart enough to update the

Popcorn example in engine

A new “popcorn” example showing how to enable physics on objects is available in the engine. It is not finished yet, and will help fine-tuning the relation between ogre and bullet (engine-level).

Polymorph Engine is on itch.io

The Polymorph Engine is on itch.io, the go-to community website for sharing, rating and downloading indie games. It sits in the well-named “tools” section where it is already getting some attention. But we need your help to bring it further. So if you have an itch.io account, be sure to check the Polymorph Engine page, download the install script, give

First version of an installation script for linux…

First version of an installation script for linux is ready. It updates system libs, gather repositories, compiles and installs a big bunch of libraries and finally launch a basic example. Test machine specs: xubuntu 16.04 64bits (running in a VM) 4 core CPU 2048MB of RAM a weak internet connection Complete duration: 25m. Find the

Repositories clean up All repositories related to polymorph…

Repositories clean-up. All repositories related to polymorph are now accessible in a clean and understandable way, thanks to the team concept of bitbucket. See polymorph-team. There are 5 projects: engine, with all the examples addons, one repo/addon internal, the graphical id and other stuff related to communication games, one repo/game, none public yet… tools, custom