same video on peertube a bit more than…

(a bit more than a technical demo this time) After finishing the work on shadows, it was time to play with the different materials possibilities. To explain a bit what you are seeing: at the top left, the 3 textures containing the shadow maps; transparent walls (wireframes) are not take into account in the shadow

Popcorn example in engine

A new “popcorn” example showing how to enable physics on objects is available in the engine. It is not finished yet, and will help fine-tuning the relation between ogre and bullet (engine-level).

Camera rig example in engine

A new example showing how to use the class PCamRig object is available in the engine’s samples. PCamRig is using PRange objects to describe all rotations (pitch, yaw & roll), enabling a simple control of the angles. In the example, roll is going from 0° to 90° and yaw from -45° to 45°, the mouse

Technical demo Based on the patches started yesterday…

Technical demo. Based on the patches started yesterday evening, the example.pd shows how PD can be used with its user interface to interact RT with the engine. Once the work is done, by commenting a #define in the main class, you switch to release mode, without changing anything to the patch! Parts of the video:

New example ready for skeletons manipulation In the…

New example ready for skeletons manipulation. In the example, the skeleton debugging is enabled by default. It shows the bones hierarchy and the local orientation of each bone. There is 3 transformation spaces for bones, inherited from Ogre3D: LOCAL PARENT WORLD All methods to get or set orientation, scale and position are sensitive to this

Polymorph weekly news #4

Fourth week already and half way? Let’s see. So back to interviewing @frankiezafe, our project leader and main motor behind the Polymorph Engine (haha, I’m so funny). So Frankie and I had a little chat, which was supposed to last one hour but ended up taking two. Although this post won’t be as long, I