Marble Marcher by CodeParade

CodeParade proposes an very interesting game/game engine that uses a smart physics computation related to fractal rendering. The result is Marble Marcher, an opensource (GPL-2!) game, available on and github. download on (windows only): compile the source:

Databases, online distribution and workspaces.

Databases: Distribution platforms, allowing free and linux-based games: (free is to verify) source: Working spaces: (NY) (chicago?) Demo scene:

Polymorph weekly news #5

As soon as we started video-chatting, @frankiezafe showed me this graph, which could possibly be represented by the equation f(x) = sin(10*x)*exp(-x)+1. That, he said, is the plot of my feelings of satisfaction and achievement with Ogre over time. It’s going from “super awesome” to “total discouragement” and back again, although as you can see