Siteseeing in southbank portrait

Some screenshots of the work of Ian MacLarty, an australian experimental designer[1]. There are superb transitions between the landscapes! (horizontal artefacts are due to my screenshot software) Links: southbank portrait on website of Ian MacLarty game engine: Amulet Bonus: screenshots of Vertex Meadow, a configurator/explorator of generated landscapes. Links: vertex meadow on official

Marble Marcher by CodeParade

CodeParade proposes an very interesting game/game engine that uses a smart physics computation related to fractal rendering. The result is Marble Marcher, an opensource (GPL-2!) game, available on and github. download on (windows only): compile the source:

First official screenshots of Sisyphus a web…

First “official” screenshots of Sisyphus, a web experiment in collaboration with Simone Niquille. It is available in also:, and I will try to post development logs there instead of here. To follow them, just check the bottom of the page.

Polymorph Engine is on

The Polymorph Engine is on, the go-to community website for sharing, rating and downloading indie games. It sits in the well-named “tools” section where it is already getting some attention. But we need your help to bring it further. So if you have an account, be sure to check the Polymorph Engine page, download the install script, give