Polymorph Engine on ArchLinux

Thanks to the great work and tutorial from @frankiezafe, I managed to compile and run the basic examples of Polymorph on an ArchLinux system. I had to make a few changes to the documentation and find the right flags for some libraries (instructions here). But everything seems to be running smoothly. More tests to come

Playing to tuning scores on osx requires several…

Playing to tuning scores on osx requires several steps, but it worked quite smoothly. Installation of virtual box – Download of linux mint 18 64 bits image – Make a disk of 15Gb (min 10Gb are required for mint) To have local IP (router range), set network to bridged and use ethernet –

Polymorph weekly news #7

Welcome @louise! As a new member, she just joined the Polymorph team and this post will be presenting her to you and hopefully tell you more about her role and interest in the Polymorph project. I did not know Louise Baduel before having a conversation with her a couple hours ago. All I knew is

Deployment using a virtual machine Thanks to virtual…

Deployment using a virtual machine. Thanks to virtual box, i was able to test an appllcation compiled on my desktop, and it works 🙂 Obviously, it’s exactly the same OS, and the way i did it is NOT clean at all: i just copy/paste all the libraries in the bin folder. Hopefully, linux & ogre

Repositories clean up All repositories related to polymorph…

Repositories clean-up. All repositories related to polymorph are now accessible in a clean and understandable way, thanks to the team concept of bitbucket. See polymorph-team. There are 5 projects: engine, with all the examples addons, one repo/addon internal, the graphical id and other stuff related to communication games, one repo/game, none public yet… tools, custom

Polymorph weekly news #1

This is the first post of what we hope to be a series, where we try to summarize and explain what happened at Polymorph during the past week. For this one, I interviewed @frankiezafe and asked him about the development of the different projects at Polymorph. PEEL Peel is the code name for the first