Straight skeleton C++ implementation

Long time no seen! Lot of things happens in may and june, that’s one of the reason of this long silence. The other is the library i’m working on to generate the maps of Disrupted Cities. Implementing a complex process in an efficient way is harsh. But it starts to works nicely. A small openframeworks

Result of different configuration of network at each…

Result of different configuration of network at each pass. In each image, you see the road network alone and the network with the control grid. I’m proud to mention that the generation time on a big network is taking around 500 millis, something easy to hide with a small transition. Here, there are 3 +

Reviewing the road generation system generation of normal…

Reviewing the road generation system. generation of normal and tangent for each segment (cyan & purple vectors): they can be used easily to generate a new road starting from any point; a million better random selection, based on the formula: X1 = a*X0 + b % m; This random generation merits a bit of attention.

flat network no Z slight Z curvature strong…

flat network (no Z) slight Z curvature strong Z curvature strong Z curvature strong Z curvature After a bit of struggle with the management of a 3d grid, the advantage is there: it’s now easy to generate a road network in 3D, with automatic connection of the streets while generating them. It’s a simple brute

Polymorph weekly news #4

Fourth week already and half way? Let’s see. So back to interviewing @frankiezafe, our project leader and main motor behind the Polymorph Engine (haha, I’m so funny). So Frankie and I had a little chat, which was supposed to last one hour but ended up taking two. Although this post won’t be as long, I