Polymorph Engine is on itch.io

The Polymorph Engine is on itch.io, the go-to community website for sharing, rating and downloading indie games. It sits in the well-named “tools” section where it is already getting some attention. But we need your help to bring it further. So if you have an itch.io account, be sure to check the Polymorph Engine page, download the install script, give

New example ready for skeletons manipulation In the…

New example ready for skeletons manipulation. In the example, the skeleton debugging is enabled by default. It shows the bones hierarchy and the local orientation of each bone. There is 3 transformation spaces for bones, inherited from Ogre3D: LOCAL PARENT WORLD All methods to get or set orientation, scale and position are sensitive to this

Polymorph Engine on ArchLinux

Thanks to the great work and tutorial from @frankiezafe, I managed to compile and run the basic examples of Polymorph on an ArchLinux system. I had to make a few changes to the documentation and find the right flags for some libraries (instructions here). But everything seems to be running smoothly. More tests to come

Big revision of the repository structure this morning…

Big revision of the repository structure this morning. assets: contains blender project & python scripts, ogre 2.0 materials, puredata & processing patches; custom: Ogre classes overload or common configuration files, to deplou in SDK folder; empty.0.1: an empty project to start with; package: the polymorph engine, containing source code; samples: a folder containing examples to

First version of an installation script for linux…

First version of an installation script for linux is ready. It updates system libs, gather repositories, compiles and installs a big bunch of libraries and finally launch a basic example. Test machine specs: xubuntu 16.04 64bits (running in a VM) 4 core CPU 2048MB of RAM a weak internet connection Complete duration: 25m. Find the

Présentation de Tuning Games

fr Contredanse ASBL et Polymorph vous convie à une rencontre autour des projets de jeux vidéos et 3D “Tuning Games” en collaboration avec Lisa Nelson Vendredi 9 décembre 18h au WTC, de 18h à 21h. En présence de Lisa Nelson, Baptiste Andrien, Louise Baduel, Florence Corin et François Zajéga. en Contredanse ASBL and Polymorph invite

Bullet integration Working on a wrapper to ease…

Bullet integration. Working on a wrapper to ease access to the ogre objects, in a namespace called polymorph 🙂 For instance, here is how to declare objects. polymorph::PBullet::start(); // simple nodes n0.sphere( sceneMgr ); n0.orientation( Vector3( 0.3,-0.1,0 ) ); n0.scale( 2.46 ); n0.move( Vector3( -12,8,0 ) ); n0.debug( true ); n1.sphere( sceneMgr ); n1.debug( true

Polymorph weekly news #2

Just like last friday, here’s a little recap of what happened inside Polymorph during the week. For this episode, I interviewed Pieter Heremans, one of the core developer working on the Polymorph engine. I first met Pieter when he was part of Lab[au], but you probably also know him for his involvement in HSBXL, F/LAT

Résumé de la présentation de Polymorph

Pour ceux qui voudraient rapidement lire un résumé de la présentation de Polymorph par @frankiezafe (et en profiter pour passer le message dans leur réseau, n’hésitez pas à tetweeter ce qui vous semble pertinent) “#Polymorph est hub pour rassembler des artistes et des designers autour du jeu vidéo fait avec des outils libres” @frankiezafe —

Pour voir ou revoir la présentation de Polymorph…

Pour voir (ou revoir) la présentation de Polymorph chez F/LAT par @frankiezafe, c’est sur twitch encore pour quelques jours. Watch live video from frankiezafe on www.twitch.tv (Ça commence à la 25ième minute)