Frederik Vanhoutte is sharing the source code of his drawing! iso190522 – the system behind my iso plots. Processing code, including the library, Java source code, and examples. Creates PDF files optimized for line plots. source: Download the code: – localThanks to him for sharing is work in a functional & executable form!

The perfect halo function.

The halo is generated by making a linear blending between the sine on a sigmoided angle (sinus1) and a standard sine (sinus2 ). The sigmoided sine has the advantage of being powerful far from the center: + The main problem with this method is the very short blurred area, making it too sudden. The basic

Finding the closest road on the right at…

Finding the closest road on the right at a crossroad. To generate the bocks of building based on the roads structure, the method I’m building is based on a simple idea: when you arrives at a crossroad, you take the first street on the right and you go on like this until you reach a

Looking for loops in networks It’s seems very…

Looking for loops in networks. It’s seems very simple, but when i’ve started to search for a programmatic way to solve this, you ends up with a kind of complexity that seems much too high compared to the problem. After a bit of research, i found the Rocha Thatte method. It is a very elegant