GAN-aided creation and blurry authorship

Ganbreeder is a “massively collaborative creative tool and network” developped by Joel Simon. The proposition is to create images by playing with the “genes” of generative adversarial network [1] Process The interface is minimal: after creating an account, you are invited to pick and start from an existing “image” or start one from scratch, edit

Tutorial for shadow mapping http www paulsprojects net…

Tutorial for shadow mapping: Resources about shadow techniques: generalities: generalities: Algorithms for Real-Time Rendering of Soft Shadows – listing: cascade shadow map: volume lights: percentage closer soft shadows: variance shadow mapping: Opacity Shadow Maps in Crystal Space, tagged PSSM: stencil vs pssm:

Un peu de philo ce matin La…

Un peu de philo ce matin: “La soumission des technologies de l’esprit aux seuls critères du marché les maintient dans une fonction de technologies de contrôle, au service de “sociétés de contrôle”[…]. Cette fonction, qui a pour but de systématiser le développement des applications et des usages des moyens de calcul, de communication et d’information