Tuning Scores

Presentation of Tuning Games in London

We (Lisa Nelson, Florence Corin & I) presented the publication project (a book and 2 applications/games) about the work and practice of Lisa Nelson at Independent Dance in london. It was an important moment for the project: all the application were running fine, and we have been able to gather feedback form the public. Regarding

Always the same surprise when one application controls…

Always the same surprise when one application controls another! In this case, the application on the left is running on my workstation, receiving and visualising the position and rotations sent by the laptop on the right. The laptop is running the physical worlds. Tomorrow I’ll remount the mouse control in the client (the one on

Lisa Nelson, Pattern Recognistions: An Invitation to Play

Saturday, February 17 at 7 PM – 10 PM UTC, 85 St Georges Road, SE1 6ER London, United Kingdom Independent Dance and Siobhan Davies Dance are delighted to present an evening of Lisa Nelson’s solo dancing and a demonstration with her collaborators Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin (Contredanse, Brussels), and François Zajéga. The event includes

Manipulation of gravity through a plumb line A…

Manipulation of gravity through a plumb line. A plumb line is a cross-cultural representation of the gravity vector ref. In this case, by manipulate it, you modify the world gravity. Even if it is the exact opposite of the common sense, i think the analogy is clear enough to avoid any explanation.

Precision tests with bullet

Small demo of the current state of the refactoring on Tuning Game 3D. The code has been completely torn apart, some features have been moved to the engine, the rest is currently heavily refactored. One of the things that works much better than before is the localisation of the pointer when the user is grabbing

Long time no see but polymorph engine development…

Long time no see, but polymorph engine development is back on track! The XML describing a polymorph’s project is now able to configure the Ogre’s compositor, understand the post-processing module. The first screenshot is using a custom compositor with this configuration: <workspace name=”TuningScoreWS”>   <script group=”General” workspace=”CustomCompositor” />   <colors>     <color name=”background_center” value=”0,1,0″ node=”0″ pass=”1″ index=”4″/>     <color

To prepare the work session between Tomas Turine…

To prepare the work session between Tomas Turine and Lisa Nelson, I prepared a OSC serialisation of all the objects available in the 3D world, including mouse and cameras, and built an interface in pd to visualise and use the data.

Ouverture Studio atelier Lisa Nelson Le 24 mars…

Ouverture Studio – atelier Lisa Nelson Le 24 mars 2017 à 18h30, les portes s’ouvriront sur l’atelier et les jeux, invitant le public à jouer de son attention et imagination. Plus d’info sur le site de charleroi-danse.

A two days work session with Florence Lisa…

A two days work session with Florence, Lisa Nelson, @louise and Baptiste. We went deeper in the improvisation technique of Lisa, by performing a score with Baptiste and also by talking a lot about what Tuning Scores is and is not. The performance and the exchanges have been recorded. This is an important step for

Présentation de Tuning Games

fr Contredanse ASBL et Polymorph vous convie à une rencontre autour des projets de jeux vidéos et 3D “Tuning Games” en collaboration avec Lisa Nelson Vendredi 9 décembre 18h au WTC, de 18h à 21h. En présence de Lisa Nelson, Baptiste Andrien, Louise Baduel, Florence Corin et François Zajéga. en Contredanse ASBL and Polymorph invite

Playing to tuning scores on osx requires several…

Playing to tuning scores on osx requires several steps, but it worked quite smoothly. Installation of virtual box – https://www.virtualbox.org/ Download of linux mint 18 64 bits image – https://www.linuxmint.com/download.php Make a disk of 15Gb (min 10Gb are required for mint) To have local IP (router range), set network to bridged and use ethernet –

Tuning scores first screenshots of the game Because…

Tuning scores, first screenshots of the game. Because we present the first prototype to Lisa Nelson and the Contredanse crew very soon, we rushed a lot this week and first results are promising: a bunch of objects are ready to be manipulated; it’s possible to play on 2 different computers seamlessly (identical physical world); each

Polymorph weekly news #9

No news is good news. Polymorph is alive and kicking. The train is on its tracks. The ball is rolling. It’s already almost a week since I’ve chatted with @frankiezafe and @louise about the advancements of their project. You might have also noted that they don’t post much either on this blog. As François says

Polymorph weekly news #7

Welcome @louise! As a new member, she just joined the Polymorph team and this post will be presenting her to you and hopefully tell you more about her role and interest in the Polymorph project. I did not know Louise Baduel before having a conversation with her a couple hours ago. All I knew is