Unpacking Unity 3D projects

platform: windows 10 64bits recovery of Unity3D assets A windows executable made with Unity is usually (always?) composed of an .exe and a *_Data folder containing all the scripts, shaders, textures, meshes, etc. required to run the game.The files in *_Data folder are obfuscated for obvious IP reasons. When looking into it, you will sees

Ray Marching implementaion

Demo of an implementation of ray marching by SebLague. Possibilities are tremendous, especially for boolean operations and object blending. Definitely something to test in Godot! repository: https://github.com/SebLague/Ray-Marching

Polymorph weekly news #3

Going for the third week now, I scheduled an appointment with @balt, the second developer of Polymorph Engine. I never met Balthazar and so this was more an introduction meeting and a discussion to get to know each other. The other reason is Balthazar has tasks to do on the Polymorph Engine but he has